Who Was Vincent Huggins

Vincent never lost sight of the importance of the community and was always a strong supporter of Education, Cultural Activities and Organizations. He was an entrepreneur who strongly believed in giving back to the community.

In 1989, he founded National Staffing Associates, Inc. (NSA), a health care agency located in West Orange, NJ. that specializes in providing home care services to families and their loved ones while keeping them safe and comfortable.  With Vincent’s drive and entrepreneurial spirit, he grew the business and made National Staffing Associates, Inc. one of the most successful health care staffing businesses in the New Jersey area.  He also served as President of the Caribbean American Business Association (CABA) from its inception in 2006 to 2012.


The Vincent A. Huggins Foundation was formed in loving memory of Vincent Huggins, Jr. Vincent was a passionate and generous man. Over the years, Vincent helped to provide opportunities for many in business, education, arts and culture and supported others in many charitable ways. With his passing on December 10, 2014, The Huggins family continues his legacy of giving and service that will impact many more lives as he wanted.